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Play that funky music…

I love my Ipod Touch.  Believe it or not, I won that thing in an office weight loss challenge last November.  Sadly, I’ve gained 16 pounds since then.  Yes, I said 16, sixteen, 1-6, 10 plus 6…you get the picture.  I’ve made some changes recently, hopefully to lose those 16 pounds and another 10.  I’ve joined a gym,  cleaned out my snack drawer at the office,  and I’ve tossed out the ‘bad’ food in my cabinets.  I’ve even started drinking water, which is a huge surprise, considering my love affair with Diet Mountain Dew.  I’m going to succeed this time.  I need to make at least one more change…


I’m getting tired of my current playlist.  It’s getting boring.  I’m repeating the same songs over and over again.  I need a playlist makeover.  Here’s my current playlist (don’t laugh)…

  • Hot and Cold by Katy Perry
  • Now That We Found Love by Heavy D and the Boyz
  • Whoop! (there it is) by Tag Team
  • Baby Got Back by Sir Mix a-lot
  • Don’t Cha by The Pussy Cat Dolls
  • You’ve Got the Right Stuff by New Kids on the Block
  • Single Ladies by Beyonce
  • LaLa by Ashley Simpson
  • Crazy in Love by Beyonce
  • Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
  • Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry
  • SexyBack by Justin Tinberlake
  • Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
  • Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

Any suggestions?


2 Comments on “Play that funky music…”

On 09/28/09 said:

It sounds like you have a great list (except of course for that Vanilla Ice song! HA!)

I lost all of my music when my MacBook crashed a month or so ago so I have like 5 songs on my iPod…literally.

Some of my favorites are Linkin Park, Buckcherry, Black Eyed Peas (their new song is great!), The Pussy Cat Dolls (When I Grow Up).

I’m sure I’ll think of more…I’ll be back! ; )


On 09/29/09 said:

I’ve had my iPod for a long while now and only used it like 3 times! Why? I have no idea. I’m lovin’ the songs on your list. The Miley song is my fav right now.


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