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So You Had a Bad Day…

Why, oh why me?  Why is everybody always needing something from me?  Why can’t people do anything for themselves.  Good ‘ol reliable Shannon.  She’ll get it done.  We can get her to do it…Blah, Blah.

Okay, so I’ve had a bad day.  It doesn’t mean I’m not still grateful.  I’m grateful I woke up this morning.  I’m grateful for the mocha frappuccino I had this morning.  I’m grateful for my quiet ride to work.  Just because I’m grateful for some things, there are alot of things I’m not grateful for.  BUT…This is a gratitude list.  I’ll save that for later.  My point is, just because I had ONE bad day, doesn’t mean I can’t see the rainbow through the rain.  I’m hangin’ on, praying for a better day. Thanks to my new friends for keeping me off the ledge.

Gratitude Letter V

Vacations.  Something I apparently need right now.

Vegetables.  I love veggies.  I eat veggies at night.  In fact, I had a veggie burger for dinner.  YUMMY.

Vegetarians.  Okay, so I’m not a vegetarian.  I’m a huge meat eater. (my be a source of my extra weight).  However, I respect anyone who can make this commitment, regardless of the reason.  GOOD FOR YOU VEGETARIANS.  I wished I could be more like you.

Variety.  Variety is the spice of life.  So they say, right?

Voting.  Good grief, man.  Don’t you know what women went through in order to vote?  I vote and I’m proud of it.  Oh, and if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain!

Vision.  I wear glasses most of the time.  My vision is still important to me.  Oh, and my mom always says that carrots give you good eyesite, so eat your carrots.  Another reason to be grateful for vegetables…

Virtue.  I have high morals.  This is important to me and hopefully is important to you.

Vitamins.  I take’em everyday!

Virginia.  It’s for lovers, ya know.  Or at least that is what the people from there say.  Did I mention my sweetheart is from Virginia?  hehe

Vinaigrette. Is there anything else out there to put on a salad?  Not to me!  Balsamic Vinaigrette!  YUMMY!

Sorry for the issues earlier in the post.  I’m home now and totally over it.  It must be the gratitude list.  See, I feel better already!

See ya tomorrow.


3 Comments on “So You Had a Bad Day…”

On 09/03/09 said:

Can we be at “L” right now. I want LASIK Vision! My eyes required glasses and I hate it, but Lasik is “cha-ching”!


On 09/03/09 Shan said:

Sure, you can me at “L” but I’m almost to “Z”!
Lasik is so expensive. Both my mom and sister had it. I’m okay with my glasses, though. I look smarter. hehe


On 09/03/09 said:


It certainly has been one of those weeks for me so I can relate to your know good, VERY bad day. Moving on…

I am a Vegetable-loving, Vegetarian, so thanks for the shout out.

I am grateful for Victoria and her Secrets. I love giving PJ’s as gifts and last Christmas all of my girlfriends got VS Boyfriend PJ’s and they seemed grateful.

I love the word Vixen because to me it refers to strong, sexy, mysterious women.

I am also grateful for Venti Americano’s w/ sugar-free caramel from Starbucks.



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