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MINUS 1!! I’ll take it!  I was happy to see my weight drop, even if only a pound.  I had a fun, relaxing weekend and did not think much of food (or exercise).  On Saturday I went to the local pool.  I must admit, I was a little uncomfortable to be back in my bathing suit.  However, once I arrived at the pool, I realized about 50% of the people there were overweight.  I guess I’m not in this boat alone.  However, I want out before it SINKS!!

Sunday I went shopping with my Mom and son.  My Mom insisted on buying my son some school clothes which was incredibly nice of her!  I’m not sure she realizes I’m and adult yet…really.  She even asked me if I needed lunch money this week.  HELLO…I’m 35.  I’ve been buying my lunch for quite some time.  It’s sweet though.  I’m not complaining.  It’s nice to know that if I did need something, she would be there.

I packed my lunch this morning, but walked out the door and forgot it.  Typical. So much for being an adult!  Now, I’m at work, starving!!  I’m gonna try to hold out until 10.  Then I can eat a protein bar (it’s great to work for a company where I have unlimited amounts of healthy, yummy snacks).  I wished I took advantage of that more often.

Gotta run (not literally, although I should).


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