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I have an addiction to a new social media network called.  I’m not going into major detail since most of you have already heard of it before.  In fact, most of you probably pin already.  To read more about Pinterest go .  The site is super cool, I waste a great deal of time there and I get lots of inspiration (or as fellow pinners call it… pinspiration).

I received a really , cast iron wall plate hanger thingy for Christmas.  I really didn’t want to display any of my plates since we actually use them everyday.  Plus, I have very little wall space in my kitchen.  So, I say to myself “Shannon, what in the crap are you going to do with this thing?”  You see, I don’t like to exchange or take gifts back that are given to me even if I don’t like them or can’t use them.  That’s probably why I have an entire bedroom of stuff I have collected over the years that I have no use for…Anyway…back to my plate hanger thingy…

I needed somewhere to store my file folders because I hate  leaving them out on my desk.  It takes up too much space.  So, this is my solution.  Ta da…



Too Fat for Fast Food?

Mountain of Burgers

Yeah, Yeah…I know. It has been FOREVER since I updated my blog. I’ve been busy. Increased workload, then I was laid off from my job, now searching for a new job and somehow becoming the errand runner for everyone since I’m no longer employed. Just for the record, searching for a job is way harder than going to work everyday. FOR. REAL.

I found it necessary to update the blog this morning after reading a regarding a man who is suing White Castle because he can’t fit into their standard size booths.   I’m not surprised at all considering people are ‘sue happy’ these days.  Frivilous lawsuits are aplenty. Honestly, if I order coffee I expect it to be hot.  That’s a given, but apparently not everyone agrees with me since the plaintiff was awarded $2.86 million dollars. A judge later reduced to a mere $64,000…hmmm…

Okay, so back to the White Castle lawsuit.  The guy suing White Castle claims he was unable to fit into the restuarant booths and was “humiliated” and ‘felt like an outcast”. DUDE, . In addition, I read statistics a few years ago that stated are overweight. I seriously doubt he was in the minority-especially while eating at a White Castle. His noted weight was 290 pounds.  Oh, and for the record, 12 years ago I weighed 301 pounds.  I sometimes had trouble fitting into booths so I opted to sit at a table or GO THROUGH DRIVE THRU.  I think this lawsuit is bologna (which, by-the-way I do not eat nor do I recommend eating because it is gross).


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100 Day Project-Day 5

Day 05 – A picture of your favorite memory

Okay, I have several favorite memories.  However, the most recent had to be from my New York trip with the girls.  Me, My sister-in-law, Brandi and my sister, Stephanie (Doobie) went to NYC in June 2010 to see New Kids on the Block at Radio City Music Hall.  While we were there we went on a “walking expedition” to Canal Street (I hear you can buy fake designer stuff here) :) , learned to ride the subway, went to see Wicked (on of my fave things we did), Central Park, World Trade Center, The statue of Liberty, did a ton of shopping…  Hey, we even saw Elmo assaulted in Times Square.  Yes, we sure did.

Very few times in my life would I get on a boat for ANY reason.  I hate water, boats, sharks, sea creatures, whatever!  However, this was a fun trip, even if I had to get on a boat!

Get the facts here sciatica

3 Girls on a Boat

A second favorite moment must have been a trip to Gatlinburg, TN with the same gals (and mom).


100 Day Project-Day 4

Day 4:  Post a picture of you and a family member


Cameron, the best kid ever!

How could I NOT include this kid?  He’s a handful, but I love him!  :)


100 Day Project-Day 3

Day 3:  A picture of the cast from my favorite show

.  If you have not watched it, you should.  It rocks.